To which level do processes have to be questioned in order to design new solutions? Are certain parameters too often regarded as basic, so that new approaches are too much oriented to the current situation and do not offer real solutions?

Nullpunkt tries to decode the process of communication step by step in order to understand which components influence the process. The visualization of the project is based on perception, one of the key elements of communication. How do we react to environments where we cannot communicate clearly? What happens when we no longer recognize any points of reference through a deprivation of perception and can no longer clearly locate ourselves in our environment? To achieve this, we have created a space that has no visible points of reference. In perception, these missing stimuli are shown by the compulsive searching and finding of non-existent signals. It comes to hallucinations. Similar disturbances are also possible as misinterpretations in communication.

concept draft, exterior

concept draft, interior​, compulsive searching and finding of non-existent signals

concept draft, exterior​